Product Description

The most advanced stencil system available.

The most advanced stencil system is also a great value at a price less than a large character manual stencil machine. This versatile machine allows you to cut characters in a wide range of sizes, plus you'll enjoy the benefits of a unique knife-saving technology, extra-wide 29" bed, and easy to use keypad. Cuts stencil board, heavy-duty polyester, magnetic vinyl, and white polyethylene film (Ultra Cut). Stencil-Cad Basic 7.1 software offers a "WYSIWYG" (what you see is what you get) screen and features hundreds of fonts and imports files from many Windows-based programs. Kits include: SC-5 Cutter, Cutter Stand, Software, (2) 60-degree blades, 3" Oneshot Assembly, Oneshot Cartridge, 2 Rolls of Media, 10 Sheets of Stencil Board.

Electronic Cutting Media

Stencil Board
One of the new features of the SC-5 Electronic Stencil Machine is the ability to cut traditional 15-point sheeted stencil board as well as 10-point rolled board.


Ultra-Cut is a 2-ply poly-ethylene material with an adhesive backing that is an ideal substitue for stencil board using it on concave or convex surfaces. It's the easiest material to cut consistently, but is tough enough to last for multiple marks. Ultra-Cut is sold by the box which includes 2 Rolls each.

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